Staging Services

Since you have decided to sell your home, your
ultimate goal is to attract every potential buyer
who walks through your door. Naturally a home over
time suffers from "wear and tear". If you want
to claim the maximum sale price for your home it
needs to be presented clean, clutter free and look like
a display home. This need is not to improve the
home for the current owner, but to make it appealing
to those buyers on the way into the home.


A consultation and viewing of the property
will be required. The consultation will focus
on what is needed to enhance first impressions for the buyer. Our aim is to look for things that will detract from a potential sale.

A consultation will take between 1 to 2 hours
to complete, depending on the area. This
includes a thorough walk through of the
property taking note of every room and
looking for anything that will detract from
the sale of the property. Then the choice is yours. You can either work on your own with
the advice given to you, or use our services
to enhance your property for you by turning it
into a display home.

Color Cosultation

We can assist with a full colour consultation
for whatever room you choose. We will find
colours that will work with your current
furniture and flooring etc., allowing colour to
flow through your house harmoniously.

As a Colour Consultant we help homeowners
choose and implement new colour schemes
for spaces in their home. This requires much
more than just choosing a paint colour, we
need to consider many different ways that
colour is used in a space with items like
existing paint, fabric, furniture and accessories.
Psychology is also a big part of choosing a colour. Different colours have different feelings for different people.

Shopping Services

Whether it's for new bedding, lamps, vases
or furniture, we will gladly do the shopping
for you or with you. If you're more comfortable shopping yourself, then let us provide you with a guideline in making the best selections for your home before you head out to the stores. This guideline will include style, color and size of the accessories to make the most impact for your space.

We work closely with several manufacturers,
wholesalers and retailers, we can pass this
expertise along to you.