Home Staging

Home Staging to Sell

First impression is everything. A buyer will form an
opinion of their interest in your property in the first
few seconds.

Home Staging is not about improving the home for
the current owners, it's about appealing to the
buyers walking in the door.

Home staging involves furnishing and dressing your
property to maximize its marketing potential.
In addition, you normally recover the cost of home
staging through an improved sales price.

Benefits of Home Staging

The time taken to sell your property is normally
greatly improved. Properties that are well
presented can achieve between 10-15% more than
comparable properties, which are poorly presented.
Buyer's first impressions are a key factor in
selling your home.

A staged home provides a vastly improved
initial impression and therefore enhances the
prospect of early success.

A staged home photographs better than a
non-staged home, making it more appealing
for both print and internet marketing.