Design Services

There are three elements for Designing your home.
Color, furniture and accessories, arrangement.


As a Colour Consultant we help homeowners choose
and implement new colour schemes for spaces in
their home. This requires much more than just
choosing a paint colour, we need to consider many
different ways that colour is used in a space with
items like existing paint, fabric, furniture and
accessories. Psychology is also a big part of choosing
a colour. Different colours have different feelings for
different people.


Whether it's for new bedding, lamps, vases or furniture,
we will gladly do the shopping for you or with you.
If you're more comfortable shopping yourself, then let
us provide you with a guideline in making the
best selections for your home before you head
out to the stores. This guideline will include style,

color and size of the accessories to make
the most impact for your space. We work
closely with several manufacturers,
wholesalers and retailers, we can pass this
expertise along to you.


It doesn't matter what brand and how
expensive your furniture costs. The real
talent is how to arrange them together.

Our talented team
can create your ideal home
to suit your budget.